j48 Takara Ishii
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J48 Takara Ishii

J20 Takara Ishii (石井 孝良) - Windsurfer



2017年度のIWT U21クラスの年間ランキングでは1位になることができました。 2018年度からはプロクラスに積極的に挑み、何度か入賞できるまでになりました。 これからは更に多くの大会に出場し、、将来は世界のトップを取れるようにがんばっていきたいです。

J20 Takara Ishii

I was born Omaesaki city in Shizuoka where the best spot for Windsurfing in Japan. I naturally learned and enjoyed Windsurfing since I was 5 years old.
I was 1st place in the 2017 IWT U21 class annual ranking. From fiscal 2018, I mainly challenged professional classes and have been able to win a prizes. I will compete more than before and training hard to reach out the Top of Windsurfer in the world.
Please support me as well!
Thank you